5 Things You Should Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Ring


wedding rings

It finally happened! He proposed, you said a big YES and now it’s planning time. I know everything is quite overwhelming in the beginning but trust me, with some organizing skills and lots of patience everything will be ok.

When you’re planning your wedding, getting the right dress is one of the most important details and it’s likely that you’ll spend a long time looking before you find the perfect one for you. Another part of the wedding that takes time to decide on is the wedding rings. After all, at the end of the day, the wedding bands will be the ones to constantly remind both of you of the promise you’ve made for each other. 

Although you might think this is the easiest step when planning a wedding, I’m here to tell you that it’s not quite so and that’s why it is so important to consider a few factors before you make such an important purchase.


Going inside a jewelry store to look for a wedding ring when you’re planning a wedding is like a child going inside a candy store. It’s very tempting to be mesmerized by all the shining diamonds and forget about the price tag and that’s why it’s very important to set up a budget before you start even looking for rings. 

When you do visit a store, ask the seller to show you in the beginning only rings that are in your price range, don’t forget that the more karats the higher the price, and any extras like diamonds, detailing, or engraving will add even more.

Rings that match

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of having an engagement ring that will be a perfect match with my wedding ring. I know that you never know upfront what engagement ring you will receive from your future husband but it’s always good to look at engagement rings and wedding rings together and have an idea of how well they can match depending on their design. 

You’re going to wear these rings for the rest of your life, so don’t rush in making a decision. Look at different models, materials and choose the ones that speak to you the most. 


If you are a very active person and you know that you use your hands a lot, a wedding set that is full of diamonds might not be the best choice. So before you make your purchase definitely consider your lifestyle and also take into consideration your future ring settings. Find out before you buy it if it can easily be fixed, cleaned so you can skip future problems.

Try it on!

I know that with the current situation, buying online is more tempting than actually going into a store and trying on rings, but please consider doing that before you make a purchase. I know that the pictures that you see online are very accurate but it’s different when you actually can try on the ring and see if the design suits you.

You might be surprised by how many things I bought online thinking they will suit me and how disappointed I was when it turned out that they didn’t, so save yourself that disappointment.

  Don’t wait until the last moment

Finding a wedding ring that will match with your engagement ring might not be as easy as you thought, so it’s best if you don’t leave this task until the last minute when you might be forced to choose something else just because you didn’t have enough time. 

Start looking in advance, do your research, try them on and if everything feels right, you can go on and make your purchase.

If you keep these tips in mind when you’re choosing your wedding jewelry, you can find something that looks amazing on your big day but also something that you’ll wear with pleasure for years to come.

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