3 Best Beaches Close to Charlotte


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Charlotte is an electric hub of great music, food, and culture: but what do you do when you need a little sun and sand?  Although South Carolina is known for its beaches, these three, in particular, stand out.  Myrtle beach has its classic beach-town vibes, Hilton Head is more expensive, and Charleston has its aesthetic: they're so different it'll be hard to choose from!

If you can’t pick, why not visit all three?

Myrtle Beach

Distance: a three-hour drive.

Rating: four shells out of five.

Myrtle Beach is world-renowned for its gorgeous, endless sandy shoreline and beautiful soft waves.  This city is a hot destination for anyone looking at Charlotte houses for sale, close enough for a vacation but far enough that you don't have to deal with tourists year-round.  Myrtle Beach is known for getting hit hard by hurricanes every year, so it's not an ideal place to live, but if you want a classic beach town with fantastic shops and restaurants, you couldn't do better than Myrtle Beach!  This is the closest beach on this list, so it's a prime pick for anyone wanting to travel as little as possible.

Hilton Head Beach

Distance: a four-hour drive.

Rating: five shells out of five.

If you've ever wanted to sneak away to an island and get lost in endless views of the ocean: Hilton's Head is where you can do it.  This beach town is more than just the sum of its sand and water.  A lot less gimmicky than Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head focuses on showing off its gorgeous views and allowing visitors to seek out shark teeth and interesting shells.  Although this beach is a further drive out, it's worth it.  The waters are a beautiful gray-blue and tumble at a low height up the sand.  The constant wind out here is something to be aware of if you plan on picnicking, but this is the most incredible place to take your family and enjoy some time out.

Charleston Beach

Distance: a three-and-a-half-hour drive.

Rating: four shells out of five.

Home to a pier that stretches out a thousand feet into the water, Charleston Beach is famous for everything it offers to the locals.  You can enjoy the summer festivities and eat some junk food on the pier, or you could get to know the locals as they sit back and fish in the beautiful ocean waters.  At three and a half hours out, the drive to this beach is longer and more traffic-laden.  If you're tired of living in the city and want to sneak away to some easier times, that three and a half hours is worth it.  There's nothing that can keep many Charlotte residents away from Charleston Beach.

Although Charlotte is an incredible city, the urge to slip away to the beach can be too strong at times!  Get to know the Charlotte area, and then venture out to these incredible beaches.  They each have their personality, so don't be shy about trying them out before picking a favorite!

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