5 Creative Birthday Gift Ideas


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Shopping for birthday gifts can be a tedious task. After all, it's stressful trying to find the perfect gift for someone while being careful not to break the bank. Often, it ends in the same-old card-and-wine duo, we have all made ourselves familiar with over the years. Don’t be a bore anymore. Get creative! Why not think outside of the box this year and come up with something a little more special? Here are our top 5 creative gift ideas to help you create the ideal gift for any loved one.

Memory Scrapbook

Creating a memory scrapbook for a loved one is a timeless, creative and thoughtful way to brighten their day. Try it for yourself! Pick up some new stationery supplies and a classic scrapbook, then fill it with photos, notes, stickers, drawings, cutouts - anything you think will bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Top tip: don’t rush it! The beauty of this gift is that it's creative, thoughtful and suits a small budget - so start it well in advance of the birthday so you can spend time making sure it’s as thoughtful as possible. 

Cheesy Snack Hamper

Could there be anything better than a tasty cheese hamper? Honestly - a big basket full of cheese as a birthday gift? They’ll be living the dream! Fill a hamper with all the best-tasting cheeses you can find, plus a selection of luxury snacks to make the perfect gift for any cheese lover! Add their favourite beverage to create the ultimate creative gift basket they can enjoy however they like - will they share or keep it all to themselves? Maybe pick a second one up for yourself just in case.

Self-Care Package

With mental health becoming more of a priority, why not buy or put together a creative self-care package as a birthday gift for your loved one? There are various printable self-care resources available that you can add, together with some cute mental health stickers, your loved ones favourite sweets and snacks, a calming candle and some herbal tea bags to make a gift that shows just how much you care. You could also add a handwritten letter for an extra special creative and personal touch.


Everyone loves a good pamper, so putting together a spa-in-a-box for a loved one creates the ideal birthday gift. Think face masks, hair treatments, candles, bubble baths, essential oils. If you want to make it extra luxurious, add a fluffy dressing gown and slippers or a bottle of fizz! Dreamy and relaxing, what’s not to love?

Unique Piece of Art

If you’re a creative person, why not make your own art for your loved one? You can spend your gift money on art supplies that’ll last! Make prints into a card, paint a canvas, sketch a landscape - whatever it is you do. The most personal gift is created by hand, so save your money and get creative. Making unique art gifts for family and friends is a great way to utilise your creativity while showing them how much you care. In our house, we have a rule that says we always have to make cards for each other instead of buying them - that way, we all spend time getting creative and thinking about what might make the others smile, with the added bonus of saving pennies.

Give your loved one a day to remember with a unique and creative gift!

If you’re tired of handing out the same boring old gifts every time a birthday comes round, why not try one of these creative birthday gift ideas and give your loved ones something special. Happy creating!

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Gemma Sission is director and the Head of Sales at Lymn Bank Farm Cheese Company, a small family-run business based in Lincolnshire. With experience across all aspects of the business, from production to finance, she is committed to providing exceptional quality and service to the company’s loyal customers.

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