Tips to surprise your significant other for your anniversary


I don't know about you, but I have the feeling that sometimes times flies by too fast, especially when you're with someone that you love with all your heart. This week I will celebrate not one, but two important anniversaries. On the 18th of September, I will celebrate 10 years since my husband and I got together and 8 years since we got married. 
With that in mind, I thought it will be a fun idea to write a post about how to surprise your significant other on such a special occasion and how to make the most out of a very special day. Are you curious? Then let's begin!

Take a walk down memory lane

Now, there are a lot of things that can be done here. I remember that for our 1st anniversary I made a video collage with our pictures and placed our favorite song on the background. Another year, I created a personalized card with all our special moments and I made sure he will receive it on that particular day.
I think the sky is the limit when it comes to creating something special for this occasion.

Special shopping day

This is for the couples that haven't tied the knot yet. You could defitetely create a special and memorable day if you decide to go shopping for matching wedding rings. Nothing says I love you more than choosing the rings that symbolize your love and commitment with each other, right? SheSaidYes also have amazing moissanite bridal sets that you should take into consideration. In case you didn't know, lately moissanite has become quite popular and even more trendy than the diamond, so definitely check them out. Because it's very important to know where you're buying your jewerly, it's always good to check out the SheSaidYes reviews

Book a romantic getaway

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a surprise trip away to a beautiful destination. If your partner has always dreamed of visiting Rome, fantasized about exploring Paris, or longs for a relaxing stay at a tropical destination, you can bet he or she will be delighted with a romantic getaway at home or abroad for your anniversary.

Plan a surprise anniversary party

If your significant other loves good food, good drink, and good company, he or she will be delighted to arrive home to an anniversary dinner party with their loved ones. It will provide an intimate opportunity to toast to your milestone with those closest to you both, and you could even prepare a speech to express how much your partner means to you after many wonderful years together.

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