How to create the best SEO strategy

seo strategy

The Internet is a very competitive place and getting people to know your website and keep them engaged is not that easy as it sounds. You have to find a way to stand out and give them reasons to come back and to share your content with other people. As I said, it’s not an easy task and it requires a lot of work on your part, but there are ways to keep people coming back all the time to your site if you take into consideration the following tips. Good luck!

Your website had to load fast

Internet connections are getting faster and faster all the time, but due to the high amount of information, of images, your website might have a difficult time catching up. And since we live times in which speed is everything, you want to give your audience the best information in the shortest time, right?

 Mobile-friendly website

Let’s take a moment and be honest with ourselves. We live in times in which the mobile phone is a huge part of our lives and that is why you have to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. I still find sites that I can’t access via my phone and sadly for their owners, I click the X button, even if I really like their content. For example, the Kazmi Law website is not only beautifully designed but it's also user-friendly and that's exactly what people are looking for. 

Intelligent SEO strategies

SEO might be easy for some people but for others, like me for example is not. What can you do then? Well, you can always hire a company like and let them help you. It's easier than getting crazy over things you really don't know and you also have the certainty that the work will be done by a professional. 

Before you start creating an SEO strategy, here are a few steps you can take to help you gauge where you’re at and where you might want to improve.

Evaluate your website

Creating an SEO strategy is all about encouraging people to visit your website, to engage with your content, and to drive conversions. But before you start planning that journey, think about what your website looks like.

Try to look at it as an outsider and consider whether it’s user-friendly and if it’s easy to navigate. Have several people test out your website. Perform a pretend scavenger hunt to find various items on your website.

Consider your goals

Once your website is where you want it to be, think about the types of goals you have in mind.

Whether your goal is more organic traffic, more page views, higher clicks, or more down-funnel activity, knowing what you’re looking for will help you get there. It can also be helpful to think about what your readers might be looking for that would encourage them to click on a post or engage with it.

Keeping these metrics in mind throughout your business strategy will set you up to measure your progress in real-time and keep track of it in the future. Each goal should be mapped to different tactics you can employ to help optimize your strategies, which is why it’s crucial to know your goals ahead of time.

Keywords are key

Researching effective keywords is paramount to bring the ideal traffic to your website and improve your spot on search results. Tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you identify keywords that your competition might be using, as well as ideas for unique keywords to attract more customers to your pages.

Crank out quality content

A major component of an effective SEO strategy is continuously creating relevant content that will lead customers back to your website and social media pages.

Know your audience

When you study your audience’s demographics, investigate more details regarding where the audience is from, what they’re frequently searching for, and how you can help fill that need.

When you know what your audience is hoping to buy and what type of information they want to consume, you can carefully curate content that’s targeted to them, which will directly lead them to your website and social media platforms

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