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There is no doubt that the easiest way to move from one property to another is by having a huge team of professional movers and technicians handling everything for you. Even when you have plenty of rooms to move, professional movers will make your moving day as convenient as it can be.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to use such an extensive moving service. Even if you could, you can still save a lot of money by doing some of the tasks yourself. To help you choose the tasks you can do yourself when moving to a new property, here are the easiest ones to begin with.


Packing may not fit into the easy category, but it is certainly a task that you can tackle yourself. The amount of money you can save on moving services and supplies when you pack your own items is well worth the time you need to invest to get this task completed.

You can start by preparing moving supplies for packing your belongings. Always get high-quality moving supplies so your items remain protected throughout the relocation process. You can pick up moving supplies such as boxes and tape online.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make a list of items as you pack them. Mark every box accordingly and compile a comprehensive list of things you are moving to the new property. The list will act as a guide, while the markings on the box will help you unpack later when your man with a van has transported your belongings.

Installing Appliances

Another thing you can do when moving to a new property is uninstalling and re-installing appliances. This is a relatively easy task to tackle, especially when you use modern appliances. Newer appliances are easier to install in general, plus they have PDF manuals that you can access online.

When trying to move your washing machine, for instance, you don’t have to worry about not installing the drain pipe properly. You can find information on installing a washing machine online; all you have to do next is follow the steps.

Kitchen appliances and other electronics around the house are even easier to deal with. You may have to struggle with wiring for a little bit (such as when you’re installing a home theatre) but the rest is so easy that you don’t need a technician to help you. The worst challenge you’ll have to face is finding a source of power or routing cables to the appliances. That’s it!


Cleaning isn’t the most glamorous task to deal with during a relocation, but it is still a task that needs to be done. One or two days before the actual moving day, you need to prepare the destination property by cleaning it thoroughly. This way, you can unpack your belongings faster.

Sure, you can hire professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the new property. However, you can pocket the money and have a lot of fun by getting the entire family involved in cleaning the new property. Spend a day and this task can be checked off your list of things to do before the actual moving day.

One important note about cleaning: you want to clean cabinets and worktops just as much as you clean floors and counters. The cabinets will be the home of your items, including food items from your old kitchen, cooking appliances, and other small things that you will need every day. Making sure these items can be stored properly will make settling into the new property more manageable.

In case you decided to build your property, you need to take into consideration the Alberta rig mats. These are designed to endure the heaviest loads.

You can still count on professional services to make your moving day more convenient if you click here. With these tasks, however, doing them yourself will help you save money without making the relocation too difficult to handle.

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