The 7 most beautiful hiking trails in Europe


Every hiker probably dreams of the Great Appalachian Trail or the wondrous landscapes of New Zealand. However, you can also find natural areas close to home that are just as impressive as these distant destinations. Find your next hiking destination in our list of the most beautiful hiking routes of Europe!

1. Alta Via 2, Dolomites

The Dolomites are a dramatic mountain range located in north-eastern Italy and offer its visitors serrated limestone peaks, sheer cliffs, shimmering alpine lakes, and deep, narrow valleys. These breathtaking mountains offer trekkers one of the most exciting and unique trekking adventures you can experience in Europe.

2. On the Hardangervidda, Norway

You have beautiful hiking trails and you have the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe. Norway cannot be missing from the latter category. Norway itself is a chain of the most impressive landscapes, but Hardangervidda National Park is perhaps the most impressive area in the country. The nature reserve covering thousands of square kilometers is the largest highland plateau in Europe. 

3. Hadrian's Wall, England

If you want to learn something about history while hiking, northern England is the place to be. The trail along Hadrian's Wall is one of the most popular hikes in the country. The trail runs 135 kilometers from the east coast to the west coast of England. Rolling hills and quintessentially British towns line this long-distance walk through the countryside. The hiking trail has little elevation change and is therefore great for families and novice hikers.

4. Beara Way, Ireland

Ireland is one of Europe's best destinations for hikers. The island offers a choice of dramatic cliffs, unique geological landscapes and winding mountain valleys. Along Ireland's west coast is the Wild Atlantic Way, a spectacular 2,600-kilometer coastal route. One of the highlights of this route is the Beara Way, a tour of the Beara Peninsula. 

5. Tour du Mont Blanc, Switzerland/France/Italy

This classic can't miss on a list of Europe's most beautiful hiking trails. In about 10 days you explore the area around the highest mountain in Europe: Mont Blanc. The complete Tour du Mont Blanc Route runs through France, Italy and Switzerland over a distance of 170 kilometers. The imposing stature of the mountain massif is continuously visible as you hike through green valleys and over rocky paths surrounded by mountain goats. Those who find the full hiking route too challenging can walk shorter stages or use cable cars and buses. 

6. The Hot Springs Trail, Iceland

The Laugavegur (Icelandic for Warm Springs Road) is a four-day hike in the south of Iceland. All of Iceland is blessed with beautiful landscapes, but this route is a collection of highlights. In 4 or 5 days, you'll hike past geysers, over glaciers and through volcanic hillside areas. Don't like wading through rivers, sleeping in tents and living off a self-supplied food supply? Then this trek might be a little too wild for you. Those who are warm to this description will totally enjoy this adventure through the Icelandic landscape.

7. West Highland Way, Scotland

This classic is perhaps the most popular walking route in the UK. And rightly so. Anyone who has once had a taste of the Scottish Highlands will lose heart to this rugged natural area. Dramatic landscapes follow one another in rapid succession. Mirroring Scottish lakes, valleys carved out by glaciers and rugged mountain ranges lie on the route, which ends with the largest mountain in Great Britain. In short: 155 kilometers of unspoiled natural landscapes.

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