Why UK Nationals Preferring Dubai to Live Over Other Countries?

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What comes to mind first when you think of Dubai? Is it the glittering skyscrapers, the picture-perfect beaches, or the wealthy Sheikhs?

None of these would be too far from the truth. The United Arab Emirates is increasingly becoming a hotspot for ex-pats looking to move somewhere they can succeed professionally and grow personally. One reason is the country's booming economy, attracting many foreign workers.

Dubai is on the top list of popular tourist destinations for 2022. The Dubai government has made sure the city is attractive to all tourists. Dubai has made tourists include UAE in their bucket list of the country to visit. Even though the Pandemic affected tourism, many tourists still are attracted to visit Dubai. 

Many tourists come to Dubai, and after their visas almost expire, looking for UAE tourist visa extension options in the hope of having more days in Dubai. For UK nationals, many prefer to live in Dubai over other countries. 

Recently, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates were in the headlines because several celebrities and influential people chose to relocate there. Among them are Yazmin Oukhellou and James Lock, who starred on Towie, and Ellie Brown, who appeared on Love Island.

The Beckhams and Madonna are just two famous people who have called Dubai home over the years. This is not a recent phenomenon. However, moving to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is a choice made by many people who are not renowned or wealthy.

Suppose you plan to relocate for employment and consider Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or one of the other Emirates. In that case, you should know that they all provide various attractive benefits.

It is improbable that, once you have decided to relocate, you will, like many of our other clients, come to regret the decision. The United Arab Emirates is, without a doubt, a fantastic country where to live and work.  

Why do UK Nationals prefer Dubai Compared To Other Countries?

A new report compiled by Lenstore, a company based in the United Kingdom, ranked Dubai as having the healthiest lifestyle of any global city. The cap is embellished with a variety of feathers in total.

Few people have wages exempt from taxes, luxurious lives, outstanding cuisine, and whether that is tolerable.

Dubai is, without a doubt, the most popular option for UK residents considering moving abroad. This shouldn't come as a surprise, given that if you find work in a city with a warm climate.

You'll be exempt from paying income tax on your salary. More so, you'll be able to take vacations throughout the year and have the chance to socialize with people from all over the world.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Dubai from the UK 

  • Significant Weather: The climate in Dubai is ideal for eight months of the year. Cloudless blue skies characterize the long, hot days, and magnificent warm sea waters are conveniently located nearby for your enjoyment.
  • Job Opportunities: In Dubai, there are numerous offices of important worldwide corporations, resulting in many employment prospects for expatriates.
  •  No Income Tax: You are exempt from paying taxes on any income you earn in Dubai.
  • Good Education: The educational requirements for admission to foreign schools in Dubai are typically very stringent. Most schools follow the British educational system, which entails teaching the National Curriculum of England in elementary schools and providing IGCSE and A-Level credentials at the secondary level.
  • Vibrant Social Life:  Dubai has an extraordinary and varied nightlife scene. Others opt to join one of the many sports clubs available in the emirate. In contrast, others choose to become members of a private beach club and spend most of their time outside of work, using all the club's facilities.In addition, there is a diverse selection of clubs, pubs, and restaurants for you to enjoy in the evening, each offering a vast range of cuisines to cater to your individual preferences.
  • Accessibility: Through the years, Dubai has developed into a very accessible location, and its international airport now provides flights to and from most of the main cities worldwide.
  • English is Widely Spoken: Even though Arabic is the official language of Dubai, English is the language that most people speak.
  • High Standard of Living: Besides having an exceptionally high living level, Dubai also has a shallow crime rate and world-class shopping (mostly tax-free).
  • Low Transport Costs: Due to the astonishingly low cost of gasoline, the running expenses associated with owning and maintaining a vehicle in Dubai are very reasonable. In addition to the low cost of taxi rides, the government is also making significant investments to enhance the quality of public transit.
  • Accepting of Other Religions: Dubai is remarkably accepting of the lifestyles and beliefs of its residents, even though Islam is the state religion of the emirate. In terms of the practical application of Islamic law to the lives of individuals and communities, it is among the places with the least restrictive policies. During the holy month of Ramadan, ex-pats living in Dubai have access to alcoholic beverages and are permitted to eat and drink during daylight hours.
  • World-class city:  Dubai is recognized as one of the most advanced in terms of its infrastructure.
  • Ideal location:  Dubai connects the Middle East and the subcontinent because of its advantageous location.
  • Business hub: Dubai attracts a lot of traders and investors because it offers many business and investment opportunities.
  • Peaceful, cosmopolitan city: More than 194 different nationalities are represented in Dubai's population, each bringing its own unique culture, religion, and language. Residents of Dubai are free to practice any religion they choose without interference from the government.
  • World-class road network: Driving on any of Dubai's roads is sure to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life since they are among the highest-quality road networks found anywhere in the globe.
  • Shopping paradise: Dubai is a shopper's paradise that features a wide range of shopping options, from stores that are affordable to some that are among the most costly in the world.
  • Freedom to buy a property wholly owned by foreign nationals: If you acquire property in Dubai, either for the goal of investing or just for living there, you will be eligible to receive a Dubai residence visa for yourself and every family member.
  • Ski in the desert: Avoid letting the heat of the sun get to your head by going skiing or snowboarding instead. You can ski five different runs and various stunt features without ever leaving the United Arab Emirates if you visit the indoor ski resort housed within the Mall of the Emirates. This ski resort is kept cool throughout the entire year.
  • Educational standards are high: Moving to a new location with children or planning to have children in a different nation can be stressful. You want the opportunities available to them to be comparable to or even superior to those available to you when you were growing up. Dubai is home to hundreds of foreign schools, many of which boast excellent academic performance, abundant extracurricular activities, the ability to teach in two languages, and favorable rating tables. Beginning with newborn care and continuing through advanced education, you will have many options for educational pursuits.

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