Is it better to buy a manual or an automatic car?

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If you’re in the market for your next car, you may be wondering if you could save money by buying a manual or automatic car. With the prices of cars at an all-time high too, more drivers than ever may be wondering how to get the best deal and which car is best to choose. There are many misconceptions about automatic cars and whether they match up to the more popular manual models. So, the guide below has been designed to help you decide if you’re better suited to a manual or automatic car and how to finance your next car. 

How do manual and automatic cars differ? 

The main difference between manual and automatic cars is the gearbox. A manual transmission uses a gearbox to change through the gears of the car which the driver does by hand. An automatic car on the other hand has no need for a gearbox as the car is able to change through the gears automatically. Within a manual car, there are also three pedals; an accelerator, brake, and a clutch. The clutch is used in conjunction with the gearbox to change the gears of the car. An automatic though only has an accelerator and a brake. They do however still have a gear selector to put the car in various modes such as, drive, reverse and park.  

Is it cheaper to buy a manual car over an automatic? 

If you’re comparing the same car, make and model with its automatic version, the manual car will always usually be cheaper. This means if you’re shopping on a budget, it could be more beneficial to get a manual car. Automatics tend to use more expensive parts which increases the cost to produce and also buy for consumers. When it comes to maintenance and repair costs, automatic cars can be more expensive too. If you want to keep costs low, you may always be best off saving money with a manual car. If you’re looking to finance your next car, you could use a car finance calculator to see how much you could borrow and then work out whether you could get a manual or automatic car for your budget.  

Can you finance an automatic car?

When car finance was first introduced, the cars you could get were limited. However, now you can get finance for a whole range of cars. If you’re looking to finance an automatic car, it works in the same way as any other form of financing. You would borrow an amount from a lender or make payments to the lender that values the cost of your chosen car. There’s no difference when it comes to financing a manual or automatic car, just that the overall value of your chosen vehicle will determine the loan amount. A higher loan amount can equate to higher monthly payments, but you could get a better deal on a lower interest rate which can help you save money in the long run. It’s worth comparing different finance deals for both manual and automatic cars to see where you can get the best deal. 

Are automatic cars more fuel efficient? 

When automatic cars first came about, they were criticized for their need to guzzle fuel. However, automatic cars have grown in popularity and their technology used has also improved too. When comparing model for model you could actually find that many automatic cars are actually more fuel efficient than their manual counterparts. 

Are all electric cars automatic?

Just like automatic cars, the UK has also seen more drivers than ever adopting an EV into their lifestyle. However, most of us are already accustomed to a manual gearbox and the shift to electric may be off-putting since you have to change to automatic. Most electric cars have an automatic transmission because there’s no need for a gearbox when there is an electric motor present. If you really don’t like the idea of an electric car with an automatic gearbox, there are a few models which do have a gearbox and gearstick, but we imagine this will be phased out in coming years. 

Is it cheaper to insure a manual or automatic car? 

Car insurance is a necessity and for many people they want to keep their insurance costs as low as possible. If you compare a manual car with the same automatic model, there usually isn’t that much difference when it comes to insurance. Your insurance premium can differ more based on your personal circumstances such as how long you’ve been driving and other factors. However, in some cases, automatic cars can be more expensive to insure due to the technology used. Newer and more advanced technology means it costs more to repair if you’re involved in an accident and can affect your premium rates. 

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