3 Simple Meditation Techniques to Boost your Concentration

Meditation is ‘to mediate.’ It is a process where you start to acknowledge the thoughts of your subconscious mind and focus on your inner musings, giving them a sense of direction. To understand your wavering thought process, your mind should be quiet, at peace and not cluttered with random thoughts.

With the help of meditation, you do not fight a battle with your mind, but you attempt to become one with it. When you have one leg in the future and one in the past, you lose the essence of the present. Once you master how to do meditation you can concentrate on the present rather than dwell on whatever has passed or whatever is yet to come.

Our brain never sleeps. We are constantly thinking about one thing or another and keeps worrying about different things. This surely has an adverse effect on our health and does not allow you to focus on specific tasks. Meditation or ‘Dhyana’ can help to increase your concentration power. This blog will give you an overview on how to boost your concentration with some basic meditation techniques. You will see how it works like a magic potion for your mind, leaving a dash of energy, calmness, and peace.

When it comes to meditation, there is no right or wrong time; it typically depends on your lifestyle. Some folks try to practice ‘Transcendental Meditation’, where they meditate twice in a day (morning and evening). You only need to set an appropriate time when you can be one with yourself. For regular meditation practices, it is suggested that you fix a routine so as to attain better results and enjoy an insightful experience.

Basic Guidelines for mediation

Let’s begin with simple techniques on how to meditate and enhance your concentration level. Keep in mind; you won’t be able to achieve positive results just by meditating once. You need to be regular in this process to see the changes take effect. Here are some basic guidelines for mediation: 

Sit in a quiet place and comfortable place. Until you are physically comfortable, it would be difficult to achieve the required levels of concentration.
It’s always better that you meditate in light, comfortable clothes. You should consider wearing clothes that are breathable, soft and flexible. E.g. cotton
Make sure that there is no noise disturbance around you. Why not keep your mobile in silent mode? You can take your important calls later. Right now, your focus must only be on you.
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Inhale deep breaths and exhale slowly. Without any hurry, try to focus your thoughts on your breathing.
Relax and try not to think about anything else for that moment. Try not to move and release all the negative energies from your body.

3 Simple Meditation techniques

Once you have built the concentration, the time arises to practice the technique of meditation. Here are three simple meditation techniques you can use to calm your mind and reconnect with your inner being:

‘Zazen’ or ‘The Breathing Concentration’

Ancient sadhus and Buddhist monks used this technique to contemplate the nature of existence. As philosophical as it sounds, it is pretty simple since you only concentrate on your breathing. Choose a comfortable spot yourself, sit with your legs folded, and keep your spine straight. Start to inhale and exhale deep breaths and do not let your mind wander to any random thought.

Vipassana or ‘The Concentration to Sensations’

Through this meditation technique, you tend to concentrate your entire attention on the body’s physical sensation. Considered to be a method for enlightenment, the main aim of this technique is to remove the drape of inconsistency from the mind and look at the things as they really are. By Vipassana, you are able to achieve clarity of thought and perceive the things in their proper manner.

Tratak or ‘Concentration to the Candle Flame’

Practice this exercise in a dark room to achieve the maximum benefits. Light a candle and keep your eyes focused on the flame. By Tratak, individuals can enhance their memory power and increase their attention span. The method proves amazing when it comes to blocking distracting thoughts. Begin by concentrating on the flame of the candle, and then slowly close your eyes and try to picture the exact position of the flame.

The best way to achieve the maximum benefits would be practicing the meditation techniques in front of a certified yoga professional.  You can also begin by enrolling yourself in a basic meditation class so that you learn the exact technique to meditate and achieve a mentally calm and stable state.

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