10 New Year's Eve Ideas for Singles

Can you believe that it’s almost Christmas time? Times pass so fast and that’s why is important to make the most of every moment. Now, we all know that usually, we spend Christmas time with the family, it’s nice to get together and celebrate, so it doesn’t really matter if you go alone or with company, but what happens on New Year's Eve? 

Let’s be honest, this is a night that seems to be made especially for couples and that is designed to make single people feel lonely and worse than they already feel, but it doesn’t need to feel that way. If you think of it better, NYE is just a big party and if you think of it better, partying can be so much more thrilling when you are single and you have all the freedom in the world. 

Being single is never a legit reason to keep yourself from having fun and with a little luck and the right outlook, who's to say you won't meet a sexy stranger to ring in 2020 with a bang. So if you haven’t already made plans for the big night and you’re still debating on what you should do, take a seat, grab a hot chocolate and read on because I’m pretty sure that by the end of this article you’ll have a pretty good idea about what you’ll do for NYE. Enjoy!

Party with your friends

Hey! I know what you’re thinking! What about those annoying friends that are coupled up? Well, all I can say is don’t mind them and if they’re really you’re friends they won’t make things harder on you, on the contrary! You know what they say, friends make everything better, so you might as well and give it a try, right?

Consider a dating site

If you really feel bad about going to the NYE party all by yourself, you can consider a dating site like welovedates.com. This site offers free dating services and you never know when you can meet someone really nice. Just imagine, how cool can it be to have your first official date on a special night like NYE. Pretty cool right? 

Don’t feel ashamed that you considered a dating site, I had a lot of friends that felt that way and I think it’s complete nonsense. Nowadays people don’t have any ore time to meet someone or maybe they didn’t meet the right person and they’re afraid to go into the dating world again. Just have an open heart about it and enjoy meeting someone new. You never know what may happen, right?

Friends Night

If you’re not the only single one from your group of friends or maybe you have some colleagues that are single and don’t really have plans for NYE, why don’t you host a special friend's night? You can plan a glam night or you can just have a pijama party. The important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself to the max!

Party with your family 

I know, I know you just had a family party for Christmas and this isn’t necessarily the most fun option, but it’s a better option that Netflix and ice cream in my opinion. You will probably play some fun board games, have yummy food and just enjoy the company.

Have a relaxing night

When you think about NYE you probably think of a big party, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. After a hectic year, you deserve some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and what better way to do that than a relaxing night for yourself?

You can watch your favorite series or read a good book, enjoy a long bath and just make plans for the New Year. 

Have a movie marathon

If you don’t have any special plans, New Year's Eve can be the perfect time to catch up on television episodes you missed during the year or movies that you don't mind watching over and over again. Don’t forget to get some nice snacks and the fun can begin! I must warn you though, you might get so involved watching a movie that you completely forget the ball dropped at midnight!

Make a list with all your best 2019 moments and wins

This is the best way to see that even though you were single, 2019 wasn’t a bad year at all. It’s one thing to know all your good moments and it’s another one to see them written down, so I would strongly advise you to do that. It will make you feel good, it will make you feel accomplished and give you good hopes for the New Year that comes. 

Read a good book

If having a movie/series marathon is not your thing then you might try to read a good book. Find yourself a cozy corner of the house, break out a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, light up some candles and grab a book that you wanted to read for a long time and you didn’t have the time to. Enjoy!


Traveling is always nice but I do believe that traveling on NYE is special. You can travel alone or with a group of friends. Choose a special destination and make the most out of your trip. 

Go to bed early

New Year's Eve can feel like such a huge deal, but it's actually just another night and after a busy year, maybe you just want to wind down and get some well-deserved rest. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and if you want to do it it’s completely fine.

These are my tips for a lovely New Year’s Eve if you’re single. If you have other tips for me don’t forget to leave them in the comment box below. 


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