3 Spanish Cities You Need to Discover

I know we're living strange times at the moment and traveling is probably the last thing on your mind, but let's look at the bright side. Now you have the time to make plans, to do your research and once things settle down, you can make your plans reality.

Do you like riddles? I do! Let's see if you can guess which place I'll talk about in this post. It's a country with incredible landscapes, amazing food, rich history, striking architecture and warm weather. Does it sound familiar? Yep, you guessed it! I'm talking about Spain.

This cultural paradise really has something for everyone and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. But there's more! Although Spain is not such a big country, it has a surprising number of popular destinations, each with its own charm, so you'll really have to do your research and pick what you like most. If you still have a hard time picking, then read one and see 3 Spanish cities that you really need to discover. Enjoy!


I think the first city that comes to mind when we hear about Spain is Barcelona, at least for me that is. I also have this gorgeous city on my bucket list and if you do a search online you can easily understand why. What can you do in Barcelona?

Visit Sagrada Familia -This iconic architectural masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi is something you should not miss when visiting Barcelona. The Sagrada Familia hasn’t been completed yet, but when finished, it aims to be the tallest church building in the world. Several other architectural styles are fused in the construction of the basilica including Catalan Modernism, Art Nouveau, and Spanish Late-Gothic.

Visit Park Guell - This is the biggest park in Barcelona and it's heaven for children. You can relax and have a picnic or just sit on a terrace and enjoy the view and lovely weather. 

Visit Casa Batllo - Another impressive building that will take your breath away. Casa Battlo is another masterpiece designed by Antoni Gaudi located in the center of Barcelona. Because of its aesthetics, it is also called the House of Bones.


Malaga is the birthplace of the famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and it's a vibrant coastal city that ticks all the boxes in my opinion. There are simply so many things to do there, so that's why is better to look for a car rental in Malaga. That way you can really take your time and enjoy every little corner of this beautiful city without pressure. What can you do in Malaga?

Visit Alcazaba - This palatial fortification was built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century and has been Malaga’s most important landmark. Don't forget to take your camera because this amazing place offers the best views of the city. 

Visit the Roman Theather - This is located just outside the outer walls of Alcazaba of Malaga and it's a great piece of historical architecture. 

Enjoy the beach - You can possibly visit Malaga and not enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Playa de la Malagueta is the main beach in Malaga. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the sun. 


Madrid, the capital of Spain is another gorgeous city that should take into consideration. This metropolitan city has grown a lot over the last years and it's renowned for its luxurious fashion and art. What can you do in Madrid?

Visit Real Jardin Botanico - This garden which was founded by King Ferdinand IV’s royal decree occupies  20 acres and is two-and-a-half centuries old. It's a wonderful escape from the busy city streets.

Visit El Retiro Park - This wonderful park has everything you need for a perfect day. Gorgeous scenery, cafes, lakes, playgrounds and more. It really can't get any better than this. 

Visit Puerta del Sol - If you visit Madrid, then you have to visit the biggest public square that's situated right in the center of the city. Here you can find beautiful fountains, shops, restaurants and more. Keep in mind that this place really becomes alive at night when people come to party at Madrid's hottest bars. 

Spain is really a wonderful country with a lot of amazing cities that wait to be discovered, so take your time, do your research and make sure you enjoy your future holiday to the maximum!

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