5 things to do while exploring London

London is one of the most eclectic and diverse cities that you can visit. You’ll find people from different cultures and backgrounds as well as a unique, buzzing atmosphere. If you are planning on exploring this city for the first time, you should brace yourself as there is a range of activities to do. You can explore this beautiful city even if you have a couple of hours before check-in or after check-out at your Airbnb or hotel or even have a layover, using London luggage locker storage could help save time and it will give you the freedom to check out the city without carrying your luggage with you. 
Even if you aren’t a tourist and live in London but need something different to get up to, you’re in luck as there is enough for you to do too! So, are you ready to discover some new places to visit in this amazing city? Then read on!

The Shard

 Have you heard about the tallest building in London? If you haven’t, you should know it’s the Shard and a great option when it comes to places to visit in London. At 306m tall, the best view is situated at the 68th, 69th, and 72nd floors. What’s more, you can also enjoy light food and a glass of champagne or cocktails when you get to the top. If you want to see London from a different point of view, visiting the Shard is definitely a good choice!


You literally can't visit London and without seeing the River Thames. There are so many things to go there, so you should probably check in advance everything and decide what you want to do, otherwise, you'll have quite a busy day. You take your time and enjoy the view by booking a cruise along the river or push your adrenaline to the maximum on a speedboat Thames

Artsy Venues

 London is one of the artsiest cities that you can visit, so while you’re there, why not explore all it has to offer? Here are a few art-related venues to try:

Theatre show: If you want to see a play, why not try going to the theatre? There are theatres on corners all over central London, and you should find tickets are reasonably priced as well. If you look at nights out in London, you can discover a few interests whether it be the Great Gatsby or Bill Bailey.

Art gallery: For all of those who appreciate fine and modern art, you should take the time out to go and visit one of the many galleries. One that you could see is The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, while South London Gallery is another to consider too.

Concert: For those who are music fans, why not go and see a show during your visit to London? Check and see what artists will be in London during the time of your stay and experience a concert London style.

The O2 Arena

A fun place to go if you’re in London is the O2 arena. It’s great for tourists especially seeing as it has an exciting atmosphere and there are so many things to do. Aside from attending a concert at the O2 Arena, you can go to Cineworld or get up to some bowling. In addition to this, if you like adventure, you could embark on a 90-minute climb up the roof of the O2 or try oxygen-free jumping.

Hyde Park

If you’ve got a deep appreciation for nature, visiting Hyde Park is something to add to your list. As well as it is home to a few princes and Duchess, there are historical monuments and fountains to explore too. A short walk away; you’ll see free exhibitions at the Serpentine Gallery as well.

Visiting London should be an exciting experience, especially if you seek to do something different than your usual activities. The above suggestions are a few of the best sights in London, so take time out to see at least one!

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