Why Greece should be your next travel destination

 Last week we talked about a few places that would make wonderful travel destinations once this weird period that we're passing through it's over and today, I have another travel post for you. You know, I love traveling, I believe that there's nothing better than discovering new countries, civilizations and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Being one of the earliest civilizations known to humankind, Greece is a country with a rich history, heritage and culture. It is located on the south Balkan Peninsula and it’s one of the most beautiful tourist locations that is visited each year by thousands of tourists and holidaymakers. You can get there by plane or you can enjoy a Mediterranean cruise and see all the beautiful places that Greece has to offer.

It's always handy to plan ahead and do your research before you arrive there. That way it's easier to find everything and you won't have to stress about it. 

From the architectural rich Athens to the amazing islands on the Mediterranean coastlines, there is so much to see when touring Greece. Are you ready? Then let’s see what you can visit in Greece!


Athens is one of the major tourist spots in Greece and has so much to make your holiday worthwhile. The Acropolis in Athens has been quite successful in capturing hundreds of tourists and visitors every day. The mind-blowing architecture of the acropolis and Plaka is surely going to take your breath away. Athens is also famous for its military ceremony of changing guards, which takes place at the background of the residence of the president. From amazing museums to sparking nightclubs, Athens has a lot to its plate to serve to visitors holidaying in Greece.

Greek islands

Due to its Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian coastline, Greece has amazing islands that could cater to your need of sun, sand and adventure in your holiday. Some of the famous islands in Greek land are Crete, Santorini, and Ios. You can go scuba diving, hiking, climbing as well as enjoy many other water sports.

Colorful Crete

It is the largest island in Greece lies in the Mediterranean Sea. Unique cart-rut mountains, rugged landscape, deserted slopes, green trees topped with yellow flowers on both sides of the road will give an exceptional experience to the visitors. Lovely faces staged the street theaters, soft sandy beaches and crystal clear calm waters are the greatest attractions.

Romantic Santorini

When you are heading towards the romantic island of Santorini, an enigmatic site would welcome you with all its greatness. It seems as if the giant mountains are covered with a white sheet under the teal sky while deep blue Aegean Sea adds in its beauty. All the houses and buildings are whitewashed. You would find tasteful hotels in the main town, Fira, which is the capital of Santorini. Its famous black beach attracts hundreds of tourists every year as this graceful island has bright sunny mornings and romantic evenings.

These are just a few places that are worth your time and that you should definitely get to see if you have the chance to do so.

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