Quirky Date Ideas For The Cold Season

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 Dates, they sound easy and fun but planning a really exciting date might not be as easier as a walk in the park and can really test someone's creativity. Many people think that dating in the winter months is not such a great option, but I beg to differ.

With a little consideration, good planning and organizing skills, you can think outside the box and come with some really amazing dating ideas. If you're still single, then let me tell you that this season is perfect for sparking up your personal life. It may seem too good to be true, but indeed this could be the perfect time in finding someone for you. 

Because we are living in special times at the moment and we're not so free to do everything we would like to do, here are some quirky date ideas in Hampshire. 

Enjoy a walk in the park

You have to admit it, the winter scenery is beyond impressive and if you're planning to visit the New Forest National Park, now would be the perfect time to do it. Enjoying a walk in this beautiful location is not only good for your health but also good for your relationship. You get to connect more with your partner and you both get to enjoy the gorgeous spectacle that nature has to offer.

Still single? That can change!

The best thing to increase your chances of meeting someone, especially in these times is making an account on a dating website. Almost everything happened online this year, so it's no wonder that your chances of finding someone will grow considerably on a dating website. You can always check out the Hampshire dating website and find singles in your area that you can connect with. Who knows, maybe you'll find someone faster than you think.

Cooking together

You know what they say, love goes via the stomach so it's no doubt that a dinner date where you can cook together with your partner would make a wonderful date idea. So if the weather is bad, just take advantage of this aspect and try to cook something delicious together. It will be a fun experience, especially if both of you don't know a lot about cooking and it will help you create a bond with your partner and get to know him/her better. 

Visit Chawton and the Jane Austen Museum

If you enjoy a little trip and a good read, then Chawton should definitely be on your list. One of Britain’s most celebrated authors, Jane Austen spent the last eight years of her life in a cottage that is now a museum. I know that not everyone is passionate about history, but everyone has read at least one Jane Auten book and you’d be surprised how much fascinating history there is in every town and city.

Online movie date

Now, if your date can't be close to you for some reason (lives further away, is away with work) doesn't mean you can't have a date night. You can choose a movie of your liking and watch it together via Face Time. Sounds weird? I don't think so! When two people want to spend time together nothing can stop them, not even distance and this is a fun opportunity to do that. 

Consider fun games

When games are in the picture nothing can go wrong and fun is guaranteed. What can you do? You can buy some Lego sets and build them together. Or you can close all the lights, light up some candles and play some board games in a romantic atmosphere. The possibilities are endless, you just have to take action and enjoy every minute.

When it comes to dating, with a little imagination the sky is the limit. Winter slows things down, so make the most of this magical season and all its serenity, by taking the time to get to know a potential special someone!

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