Fun Dating Ideas During The Pandemic


woman and man on a date

2020 was the year that taught us that something unpredictable can change our lives forever and we had to learn to live our life's in a different way than before. It simply erased everything we knew about life and we had to start learning how to live a new life with new guidelines. I know that everyone hoped that 2021 will bring the "normal" back into our lives again but let's face it, this is the new normal so instead of seeing only the negative aspects, let's try to find joy and opportunities in every chance that we've got. 

The changes that the last year has bought have had a major impact on our everyday life, love life included. If for couples it meant spending more time together, for singles this wasn't the best of times because the chances of meeting someone during the pandemic were not the best.

From a subject that was a little bit taboo, online dating has gained a lot of popularity among singles everywhere and it's quite easy to understand why. Since our whole life moved online, family gatherings, seeing friends, working, why shouldn't dating be a part of it? If you were dating in Los Angeles then you really should consider setting up a profile on Los Angeles Personals and find singles in your area because we all know what dating in LA means, you have to meet someone close to where you live in order to make it work.

Let's say you met someone and you really like him/her. Now what? Dating during the pandemic is not easy but with a little bit of imagination, it can be even better than before. If you still don't believe me, take a look at the following dating ideas.

Romantic online dinner

The beauty of online dating is that it gives you the opportunity to get to know that person better before you get to know him/her face to face. You can talk about everything, get to know each other and even enjoy a romantic first date via FaceTime. 

Home cinema 

Going to the cinema is a standard date idea but with the current situation going on that's not possible at the moment so what then? Well, if you can't meet up in person, you can have a watch party on Netflix or you can turn your home into a home cinema and enjoy a special night with your date. How can you achieve that? Well, you close all the lights, you can add some fairy lights in order to create that special atmosphere, make some popcorn and enjoy the movie and the company. 

Have a walk along the beach

One of the benefits of living in LA is that you can always enjoy a walk on the beach. That's not only a great date idea but also very good for you physically and mentally. Since distance in LA is an issue, you can organize this trip up front and then enjoy the day. To make the day extra special you can take a picnic basket with you and have a picnic while watching the sunset. Pretty cool right?

Organize a theme night

This could be an evening in the theme of one city, like Paris for example, but also in a country theme, such as Mexico, Japan. During such a themed evening you watch a series or a film that takes place at the destination you've chosen and you can prepare snacks and dishes in the style of the destination. Fun is guaranteed!

Nobody said that dating is easy, especially during the pandemic, but with a little bit of imagination you can pull off something really nice that both of you can enjoy. So have fun and stay safe!

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