Luvanto Loving Tips for Care

Once you have decided on the choice of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring, you may believe the hardest part is simply selecting the right design for the home.

Once the flooring is laid successfully by a professional or by yourself, there is always going to be the care needed to fully enjoy it for the decades to come. Simply removing your shoes and wiping up a drip or two is not going to be enough to keep your floor in its long lifespan expected to look.

Taking some simple care steps in keeping your floor fully cared for goes much longer.

Easy Clean

Dust and debris are the easiest parts of your floor to clean and can be done with a quick sweep with a regular non-brittle brush. It is important to steer clear of wire brushes as they will affect your design layer and wear away at the protective qualities with constant use.

Although vinyl flooring is highly scratch-resistant, objects like a wire brush can take an extra toll on your floor and a vacuum cleaner could have the same effect if the bristles are too low when hoovering. Your wear layer can only take so much from this kind of product over time.

Microfibre mops are a recommended product over a regular mop, as vinyl’s waterproof properties will secure against any moisture seeping through to the underfloor. Regular mops tend to contain far more water than you require and can quickly soak the floor, which is something that needs to be avoided.

Specialist Chemicals Avoidance

When mopping a vinyl floor, you need to be sure that you don’t use any specialized cleaning products unless they are certified by the particular flooring brand as a safe product. 

Several mixed chemicals could cause discoloration if they are not suitable for vinyl or a specific brand. You will always have to check into the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid causing unnecessary damage. Regular household ingredients such as vinegar mixed with water have just as good an effect in keeping a vinyl floor vibrant for many years without any incident or damage. 

Furniture Protected

You may have been told by a flooring specialist when purchasing your luxury vinyl flooring that heavier furniture needs to have felt pads placed on the feet. This is to maximize protection from any scratches or scuffs they could cause. 

Although vinyl is of higher scratch resistance than other flooring, it is still vulnerable to moving heavy furniture that would leave indents or scuffs. Felt pads are a cheap and simple item to put on furniture that saves your home from suffering deep damage and requiring replacement tiles or planks.

Keeping Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring in super-cared-for the condition is a small weekly job that pays off with a long lifespan. It is a lifespan that far surpasses real wood or stone flooring. In keeping it tidy and secure by following these tasks you can be sure that your return on investment will be safe for years to come.

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