What's It Like Living and Working in Las Vegas Year Round?

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If you’re looking at Las Vegas apartments for rent you’re probably wondering what it’s really like to live in Sin City year-round and not just visit for a vacation. Wonder no more.

It’s affordable

As far as big cities go, Vegas is very affordable. Residents pay low taxes and the state as a whole has no state income tax because of the amount of money tourists bring in.

 There are reasonable property taxes here, and residents pay 7 percent less for healthcare and 21 percent less for electricity than the national average.

 While the cost of living is 3 percent higher than the national average, that’s not bad considering just how large of a city it is.

 You won’t be left wanting for employment

The job market is strong, most obviously so in the hospitality industry, though there are other sectors to excel in. Healthcare, event planning, and information technology are also leaders among employers.

 The biggest employees are MGM Resorts, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Johnson Electric, and Las Vegas Sands.

 If you are one of the many who can work remotely now, Las Vegas is a great place to do it thanks to its many co-working spaces.

 Boredom? What is that?

Las Vegas is a city that’s constantly on the go, from the openings of new restaurants to glitzy shows playing downtown. Whether you thrive in the nightlife or prefer to relax in nature, Vegas has something to occupy your time.

 Red Rock, Mount Charleston, and the Valley of Fire are some of the many outdoor spaces you can enjoy if you want to get away from the city lights.

 It gets hot – but the weather is still pleasant

Summers in Vegas are brutal, with average temperatures over 100 degrees. The heat is a dry one and takes some adjusting too.

Thankfully, outside of summer, the weather is pretty mild and pleasant for the remainder of the year. You’ll find yourself enjoying outdoor activity in the throes of winter, whereas much of the nation will be bundled up.

 Additionally, Vegas doesn’t experience natural disasters like so many other parts of the country. There are no hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, or blizzards here.

 The food is out of this world

If you’re a foodie you’ll relish the many eateries you have to choose from here.

 The strip has noted places like Hell’s Kitchen and Guy Savoy. Get beautiful dishes at Osteria Fiorella or Edo Gastro Tapas. Enjoy the wine tower at Aureole or the raw bar at Bazaar Meat by chef Jose Andres.

 Feeling casual? Stop at In-n-Out or Chick-Fil-A, fast food joints that are still favored for their fare.

 It’s not all about “The Strip.”

The Strip is the hub of Vegas, a four-mile corridor with top entertainment and restaurants, but also a ton of people. Most locals avoid this area whenever they can. Downtown Vegas is a great place to go. It has the Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping, dining, and entertainment area made out of shipping containers. You can also find things to do in Summerlin and Town Square.

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