5 Reasons To Consider Florida For Your Summer Holiday

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Leaving all stress aside, booking your next family holiday can be a lot of fun. When you know that you want it’s easy to think about visiting the coastline of your favorite European country. However, there are only so many times that you can see the same views and eat the same kinds of cuisine, right?

Sometimes, it can be nice to make a change and head somewhere different on your family holiday. Long haul holidays always offer you that. But when you have kids, you can’t always jet off to the destinations that you want to see. You have to make sure that there’s something for you to offer them too. So this is why you definitely want to head stateside this summer.

The Weather

When heading to the sunshine state or even further east to Florida, you’ll always get great weather. And this can often be the best-selling feature for you. If you want to be able to take in the warmth and the sunshine and enjoy brighter days, then going to Florida is a sure-fire way to do that. The Sunshine State offers good weather all year round, so you don’t have to worry about that. In summer you can expect rains pretty often but usually, they don’t last long and thanks to the heat, everything is dry in seconds.

The Resorts

Next up, another key selling feature is the places to stay. Because there’s no shortage of great resorts out there. When you know that you’ve got the beach, the pool, spa and sporting facilities, you know that everyone in the family is going to be looked after when you’re away. 

You might notice that I wrote resorts and not beaches even though the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Florida are the gorgeous beaches and the clear blue water that is inviting us for a swim. Well, according to the latest campaign of Oceans Plastic Free that's not quite the case. They have created a very interesting and educative article that focuses on reimagining oceans in blockbuster movies. As we all know Hollywood movies depict a crystal clear image of the ocean however the reality is far from this with tonnes of plastic polluting our oceans. It's a great read and a real eye-opener if you ask me and I believe that campaigns like these should make us more aware of the dangers of pollution and its effects on the environment and our daily life. 

The Excitement

Of course, when you’re going to America, there’s always excitement but imagine how much fun you can have after you visit the theme parks that Florida has to offer. I mean, it’s not only a dream come true for your kids but also for adults. Orlando can be easily called the theme park capital of the world with so much action going on.

The Food

If you all love to eat, then you know that you’re going to eat big when you’re in America. And no, that doesn’t mean you have to eat badly. Of course, you can try out the American classics, but there are plenty of great restaurants and hot spots in Miami or Orlando to explore too. Nothing beats dinner outside under the stars on a balmy evening. Or kicking back over lunch looking over shimmering sun-kissed waters and in Florida, that is possible all year round, so you just have to enjoy!

The Atmosphere

You noticed at home too, when the sun is up, that you have more energy and are joyful and in a good state of mind. Well, in Florida you have this feeling all the time, plus you’re on a holiday, so even better!

Florida is blessed with hundreds of miles of beaches, over 900 freshwater springs and more than 11 million acres of natural wetland. And of course, the national treasure is the Florida Everglades. Add to that the fantastic theme parks, the good cuisine and you got yourself a dream holiday!

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